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With 26 stores located across the north of England, food and beverage supplier Booths is experiencing considerable year on year growth and expansion.

Location: U.K.

Industry: Food & Beverage


The company’s paper-based picking operation was expensive and there was a desire to reduce the cost-per-case pick overhead. With over 25,000 individual stock lines to manage and an increasing number of outlets, Booths needed a picking solution that would drive productivity and increase efficiency. The projects goals included

  • Increasing accuracy
  • Reducing costs
  • Providing greater customer satisfaction

Solutions Implemented:

Booths implemented

  • VoiceMan
  • 24 Talkman terminals


Since the introduction of voice picking at Booths, not only has productivity increased dramatically, but the company has also seen near perfect picking accuracy, which enhances the excellent service that its customers expect. Additional efficiencies include

  • Pickers are told whether their pick is cases or items which greatly reduces unit of issue problems. 
  • If the picker is unsure of the item to be picked, they can ask the voice system for a product description to clarify the item to be selected, and the voice terminal reads out the description of the product in question.
  • Pickers can suspend a job at break times and re-load that job after their break; alternatively another picker can complete that assignment for them if it is urgent. 
  • All break times are now tracked by the system which logs break time and other non-productive time.


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