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ASL Distribution Services

ASL Distribution Services is a 3PL firm with locations throughout Eastern Canada and New York.

Industries: 3PL, Warehousing

Location: Canada

Case study: ASL Distribution Services

Körber enables 3PL to add same-day fulfillment capabilities.


ASL had unique eCommerce customer needs. These included:

  • Big box store merchandise that needed to be centrally warehoused
  • Orders drop-shipped to customers on behalf of (and often under the identity of) the retailers ASL serves

Solutions Implemented:

ASL implemented a new AMS to keep up with the increased complexity of their warehouse demands:

  • Enterprise 3PL 


ASL achieved the functionality needed to meet customer demand. It enjoyed:

  • Built-in shipping management capabilities
  • The ability to perform drop-shipping for customers

Körber allows us to offer a service that we could not otherwise provide,” Tomajko said. “It is extremely flexible, and by eliminating manual inputs and invoicing, it speeds up operations while also cutting costs by reducing the associated warehouse labor requirements.

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