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Ariat International is one of the top western, equestrian, outdoor and work brands in the world. Their pursuit of functional innovation has raised the bar for performance, fit, and craftsmanship all in service to Ariat's global community of world-class athletes, Olympians, and people like you.

Industry: Retail
Location: Ft. Worth, Texas


Ariat International was seeking a solution to mitigate issues of labor inefficiencies and facility optimization to improve the end customer experience.

  • Physically demanding and strenuous work for associates
  • Inefficiencies due to manual processes and high SKU velocity

Solutions implemented

Already being a trusted partner, Körber is further driving Ariat's supply chain vision with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in collaboration with one of the global AMR leader Geek+.

  • Integrate 88 AMRs in Ariat International's 1 million sq. ft warehouse
  • Implement K. Motion Warehouse Advantage
  • Install 2,000 racks


Since the roll out of WMS and the 88 AMRs, Ariat International has seen an increase in associate and overall facility productivity, leading to improved end-customer experience. Additional benefits include:

  • 82% decrease in associate walking
  • 100% increase in associates’ productivity
  • Morale boosting – staff see that the robots are something to help them, rather than replace them
  • Simplified training – ease of use has decreased training from weeks to less than one day

The Story

Apparel retailer, Ariat International looks to trusted partner, Körber Supply Chain in collaboration with the global AMR leader Geek+, for solutions to improve employee well-being and customer experience. Learn how the use of K. Motion Warehouse Advantage (WMS) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) increase throughput and maximize capacity in their central warehouse. As a result, Ariat can shift resources away from physically demanding and strenuous jobs, to more skilled tasks for a more enhanced customer experience.


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