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Drogaria Araujo is a Brazilian drugstore chain in 25 cities in the state of Minas Gerais. With 113 years of history and more than seven thousand employees, the drugstore is considered one of the largest companies in the sector in the state.

Location: Minas Gerais, Brazil

Industry: Chemical & Pharmaceuticals, Health & Wellness


For Araujo, productivity was based mainly on performance and determined manually based on the transactions. To expand its operations, Araujo needed:

  • Greater stock traceability

Solutions Implemented:

Körber helped Araujo increase service level by implementing:

  • Körber Warehouse Advantage


Working with Körber, Araujo was able to standardize operational activities. Additional benefits included:

  • Reduction of execution times for all activities
  • Reduction in the number of operational errors
  • Increased accuracy of inventory control
  • Increase in operational capacity (approximately 30%) without requiring an increase in the number of employees
  • Improved service level (from 88.3% on average to 99.8%)
  • Generation of detailed information related to all activities, making it possible to measure processe

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