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A sustainable eCommerce beauty solution

Founded in 1999, Adore Beauty is Australia’s first beauty eCommerce business. The beauty retailer experienced significant growth in the last twenty years, becoming the #1 pure play cosmetic retailer in Australia. 

Industry: Beauty, Cosmetic eCommerce
Location: Melbourne, Australia


When the global pandemic put even more pressure on its eCommerce, Adore Beauty quickly realized the company needed:

  • A more efficient Warehouse Management System (WMS) to keep up with rapid growt
  • A system able to meet Adore’s sustainability goals by reducing their carbon footprint

Solutions implemented

With non-negotiable requirements, Adore discovered Körber’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) solution. The customizable nature allowed them to:

  • Tweak the solution as and when needed, such as the use of smaller shipping boxe
  • When paired with Cubiscan technology, the WMS could choose the right box side without manual operation


The WMS solution met both Adore Beauty’s efficiency and sustainability goals. Benefits include:

  • Smaller shipping boxes saved a significant amount of cardboard annuall
  • Automatically elaborated data from RF scammers eliminated the use of paper during the picking process, saving a sizable amount of A4 pape
  • The flexible system allowed Körber to implement the right functionality to increase operation efficiency

The Story

Twenty years ago, Adore Beauty became the first beauty eCommerce retailer in Australia. The recent boost in sales for the beauty and health sector meant Adore grew significantly and quickly. As consumer behavior transitioned to eCommerce due to the global pandemic, Adore realized it needed to improve operation efficiency with a Warehouse Management System (WMS). Adore capitalized on this opportunity to implement more sustainable processes in its operations, aiming to lower their carbon footprint. The flexible nature of Körber’s WMS made the process of using smaller shipping boxes smoother. Overall, the solution was a success – able to meet both of the retailers non-negotiable goals of a flexible WMS and more sustainable options. 

This kind of fulfilment is on the rise as eCommerce continues to take up a larger percentage of the retail spend. We knew this kind of approach would work very well for Chemist Warehouse and we’re absolutely thrilled with the results.

Nishan Wijemanne
Managing director of Körber Supply Chain Asia Pacific

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A sustinable beauty solution

Adore Beauty exceeds its sustainabilty goals and meets eCommerce demands with WMS

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