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Titan Brands is an online retail company, specializing in fitness equipment, commercial and farm attachments, loading ramps and various outdoor items. In 2021, they were recognized as one of the top 30 fastest growing eCommerce retailers in the US.

Industry: eCommerce Retail
Location: Memphis, Tennessee, USA


As one of the fastest growing eCommerce retailers, Titan Brands needed a solution to operationalize their performance and position them to continue to scale. This meant:

  • Reduce the "order-to-ship cycle" to hours instead of current service level of days
  • Increase and earlier visibility into available inventory
  • Optimize fulfillment operations
  • Increase labor productivity in the distribution center (DC)

Solutions implemented

To achieve this competitive fulfillment goal, Titan selected and implemented the following solutions:

  • Körber’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) to optimize fulfillment and labor productivity
  • Körber's Order Management System (OMS) to provide enterprise visibility to available to promise (ATP) inventory (including product in transit) and allocate inventory dynamically.
  • Our OMS will additionally help with shipment experience management


The combined solution of Körber’s WMS and OMS will:

  • Reinvent Titan Brand’s supply chain
  • Transform complexity into a strategic differentiator
  • Reduce order-to-ship cycle to hours vs days
  • Improve order fulfillment profitability by reducing stockouts and overstocks

Since its founding in 2005, Titan Brands has experienced rapid eCommerce growth in the US. The online-based retailer sells over 3,000 different products to businesses and consumers across the US and Canada. Discover how Titan teamed up with Körber to implement two new solutions. Adding both the WMS and OMS will reinvent Titan’s supply chain and transform its complexity into a strategic differentiator.


Read the entire case study and get three bonus OMS resources, today!

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