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Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for today's warehouses

Ecommerce and omnichannel shopping have permanently altered market dynamics and buying behaviors. Fluctuating order volumes, a tight labor market and rising customer expectations mean that warehouses and DCs have to operate more efficiently than ever before. In this master class, we will explore how automonous mobile robots (AMR) can help your warehouse operations scale to address these challenges.

Session Dates: November 9, 16, 23 & 30
All sessions are 13 - 13:30 BST/GMT


Addressing new market challenges with autonomous mobile robots (AMR)

In today's online economy, warehouses experience constant pressure to accommodate rising order volumes, increase throughput and reduce order cycle times. Join John Santagate for a discussion about today's market dynamics, and how autonomous mobile robots (AMR) can help by introducing a flexible, agile approach to warehouse automation.

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Making the most of AMR: use cases and technologies

Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) are one of the hottest new technologies in warehouse operations. But what are the best applications for AMR, and how can your warehouse benefit from them? Join Matt Gregory to learn about typical use cases, different types of AMR and the best fit for common workflows like goods-to-person and person-to-goods.

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Off to a good start: Achieving a smooth AMR rollout

Once the decision for AMR has been made, the next challenge is often the deployment: how can you ensure a smooth rollout of the new technology? In this session, Carl Oreback explains how to prepare for the introduction of AMR in your facility, key steps to follow during deployment and how to avoid typical pitfalls.

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Debunking common myths about AMR

AMR are still a relatively new technology in warehouse operations. As a result, there are many questions and some misconceptions around their use and benefits. Join Fabien Guerrero to learn why the deployment and use cases of AMR don't have to be complex, why their total operating cost (TCO) can be surprisingly economical and how AMR are a good fit for many smaller warehouses with manual operations.

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Past series available on-demand

Innovative Warehouse Technologies

Supply chain complexity is increasing, and warehouses need to run at peak efficiency to ensure continued business success. Warehouse management systems are a critical first step in optimizing their operations. But looking past the WMS, what other technologies can help you move performance to the next level? Join us for this master class, to learn about innovative warehouse technologies, use cases and best practices for today's warehouses.

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SKU proliferation in FMCG: How automation can help

The FMCG industry has been challenged with increasing numbers of Stock Keeping Units (SKU) while retail customers demand smaller delivery quantities. As manufacturers change how they produce and distribute their products, mixed-load pallet building emerges as one of the most efficient approaches companies can embrace. However, it increases complexity and the amount of labor required to fulfill customer orders.

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Until recently, sustainability initiatives have been focused on the manufacturing side of the supply chain. Now the spotlight is now on warehouse and transportation, and the measures companies can put in place to reduce their ecological impact. So how should you approach sustainability? Join us for this Master Class series to learn about the role technology can play in building a sustainable supply chain.

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Disruption Mitigation

Warehouses today are under increased pressure to be able to maintain efficiency regardless of outside factors. However, when major disruptions to the supply chain happen, like product shortages or pandemics like COVID, many operations can be left struggling to keep up. Join us for this Master Class series on Disruption Mitigation to learn how the latest technologies and processes can help prepare your operation for whatever challenges it may face.

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SAP Supply Chain Excellence

SAP’s Supply Chain Logistics Suite offers powerful solutions for all areas of supply chain management. But how do you ensure you get the most out of your SAP implementation? And how to best handle the impending migrations from SAP WM to SAP EWM? Join our SAP Experts to learn about trends and best practices around SAP Supply Chain implementations.

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Workplace Efficiencies & Safety

Warehouses are held to a high level of safety standards and workplace safety is paramount to operational production as issues can result in lost time, product, and revenue. Join us for this Master Class series on Workplace Efficiencies and Safety to learn how the latest technologies and automation can help improve your processes and safety.

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Warehouse Technology Excellence

Warehousing is one of the biggest areas for supply chain differentiation. How do you plan to stay competitive and meet your consumer’s needs? Deep dive into the warehouse with topics on critical capabilities, cloud vs. on-prem infrastructure, ROI and automation.

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Cold Storage Trends

Answers to today’s cold storage issues rarely fall in your lap. Or do they? Join the presentations and discussion regarding AMR & voice in cold storage, traceability and food safety and much more.

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Addressing Labor Challenges

Today’s labor market is creating new challenges. This class covers everything from scaling up and down for seasonality or a crisis, to adjusting your workforce to new regulations.

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