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Cold chain 3PL

Cold storage supply chains have grown significantly in recent years, largely through high demand for food, pharmaceuticals and medical goods in developing markets. With increasing regulations and rising costs, many retailers are now outsourcing their cold storage warehousing and distribution operations to specialist third-party logistics (3PL) providers.

Integrity is key in an industry which is strictly regulated. Errors can lead to litigation, recalls, product withdrawals, and can seriously damage a business’ reputation. Hence, complete transparency across the cold storage supply chain and compliance with regulations are paramount.


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Industry challenges

The strict regulatory aspect of cold storage supply chain means that businesses must keep up to date with the changing requirements of the different markets in which they operate, and maintain robust recall management processes.

The need to maintain integrity throughout the supply chain extends to transportation. Every step of the journey must be monitored and recorded, and routes meticulously planned to avoid unnecessary stops and transfer points.

Faced with staff shortages, retaining labor within cold chain has long been a challenge. Solutions to proactively engage the workforce and create an optimum working environment are essential to addressing this challenge.

The Körber difference

Körber works with some of the leading cold chain 3PLs to optimize their cold storage supply chain management with adaptable solutions that drive efficiencies and real-time visibility across all aspects of their operations.

With automation solutions supporting a range of technologies, you will be able to react swiftly to spikes and falls in order volumes and other market dynamics, with minimal disruption. You can expand your supply chain solution’s functionality as your operational needs demand.

We help you to increase efficiencies through fast-turns management. You can improve speed and accuracy of warehouse processes through voice-directed solutions and other smart technologies. Körber’s supply chain solutions help you scale your operations to offset increasing costs, while maintaining best-in-class customer service standards.

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