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11 November 2022

Partner Perspectives: Key Trends in Supply Chain with Bricz

In this video interview with one of Körber’s top partners, Brandon Gzehoviak, Director of North America Partner Ecosystem at Körber Business Area Supply Chain, sits down with Bricz CEO Ram Gopalakrishnan to talk about current supply chain trends.

Topics discussed include:

  • The proliferation of supply chain knowledge in everyday culture
  • Rising fulfillment and transportation costs
  • How businesses can and should take a consumer-centric, omnichannel approach
  • The role of practitioners and solutions providers in shaping the future of supply chain
  • The value of strong partnerships for supply chain success

We are proud to partner with industry-leading companies like Bricz and our many other partners, as we work to address challenges and conquer supply chain complexity.

“Together with partners like Körber, we’re able to deliver some compelling value and play a part in creating the future [of supply chain],” says Gopalakrishnan.


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