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The first step to faster COVID-19 warehouse detection is here

Employees and customers are counting on you to keep orders moving through the warehouse. They’re also counting on you for safety, and with the high risks of COVID-19, balancing these needs is extremely difficult. But, it’s not impossible. Technology can help, and will continue to rise to the challenge in face of these complexities.

Every business handles safety differently, of course. Reducing staff for better social distancing, face masks, sanitation, hygiene best practices, and taking employee temperatures have become the new norm. When an employee tests positive, however, these best practices are largely compromised. Tracing the steps and interactions of these employees requires difficult tracing of hundreds of employee interactions with associates, equipment, and inventory. As we’ve seen in our personal lives as well as supply chains around the world, the ripple effect of a single case is scary. 

Starting today, that could change. Körber InSight Contact Tracer is the first step towards regaining confidence in your operations. This program works within your warehouse management system (WMS) to identify the movement of Coronavirus within your facility and workers. There are several ways to utilize Contact Tracer:

  • Retrace the steps of at-risk and COVID-19-positive employees through logged interactions in the WMS
  • Identify potentially contaminated equipment such as headsets, scanners, radios, forklifts, etc. 
  • Locate at-risk inbound and outbound orders, potentially before they move outside the warehouse
  • Narrow the timeframes of exposure for the people, equipment, and products for more targeted responses

We always value customers as a part of the Körber family, but in times like these we ask ourselves how Körber can be of service to those we serve and their communities. As a supply chain solutions provider, we own and are humbled by that responsibility. As such, Contact Tracer is available for free to Körber customers. 
We’re not saying this solves all of the problems coming from the pandemic. But, it’s a critical step towards mitigating risk and building resiliency into supply chain systems. Quickly identifying risks in the warehouse is a major step to reducing the spread of COVID-19. This improves safety, and hopefully gives warehouse employees and customers a much needed (and deserved) boost in confidence that your brand puts their safety first. We will continue to drive our technologies towards innovation that creates safer and more productive environments for your supply chain operations. As new developments for Contact Tracer and other solutions become available, we will share them with you.
By working together, listening, acting selflessly, and pushing the supply chain and logistics community towards innovation, we can do great things in these hard times and be all the better for it. Let’s conquer complexity, together. 

Read the full Körber press release here. 

Stay safe.

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