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20 December 2022

Guest video blog article: Quadrant Knowledge Solutions on how voice solutions are transforming the warehouse space

This video blog article addresses how voice-directed warehouse technology is making its headway into warehouses.

Voice-directed technology has been around for three decades but has only recently gained considerable traction in the warehouse management space due to the explosive growth in e-commerce, COVID-19 induced effects and shortage of labor among other factors. Industry experts at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions explain how voice-directed warehouse technology is making its headway into warehouses while also addressing its benefits and transformative opportunities. With this video and report, warehouse owners and end-users can gain an understanding of the capabilities and differentiators of voice solutions and the unique value proposition that Körber presents to help them stay ahead of this trend.


According to Rajabahadur V Arcot, Senior Advisor at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “Körber, while executing projects, acts as a provider of end-to-end best-fit solutions to its customers and strives to focus on meeting the investment outcomes. The company, therefore, undertakes to supply robotics, automation and voice solutions, materials handling equipment, and supply chain software and support such supplies with solution design, project management, engineering, and software integration support services. In line with this business approach, Körber voice solutions are WMS / ERP agnostic and can be integrated with any system.”


“Körber, one of the largest global providers of voice-enabled services, not only talks about improving the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse operations, but also focuses on overall process optimization. They are more of a partner helping warehouse run efficiently than a vendor with a WMS or voice-enabled solution”, according to Neelam Singh, Practice Director, Supply Chain at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. “Körber, with its successful case studies, partner ecosystem, and offerings, is well positioned to help make supply chains sustainable (with the elimination of paper), engage labor effectively, optimize the business process and with productivity and accuracy at its core,” Neelam adds.


You can watch the video on voice solutions above and download Quadrant Knowledge Solutions' Knowledge Brief on voice technology here.

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