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19 December 2022

Advanced strategies for parcel rate shopping in an evolving supply chain era

This video blog article goes beyond the basics of parcel rate shopping to understand best practices when using advanced methodology for rate shopping.

The experts at Körber and ProShip present advanced strategies to take parcel rate shopping to the next level. Go beyond the basics and understand best practices when using an advanced methodology for rate shopping. Determining the optimal service and pricing for your parcel shipping needs is just the beginning. Learn how automating the process could save your organization up to 30%. Gain an understanding of the future effect on different carriers, service levels and modes of transportation.


  • Is your rate shopping process easy or advanced?
  • Explore the options available to you.
  • Understand why rate shop?
  • Learn how systems can help.
  • How do I measure success?
  • What is advanced rate shopping? 


Presenters: Mark Taylor – Director of Parcel Consulting Software at Körber Business Area Supply Chain and Justin Cramer – Co-founder at ProShip

Watch the video above at the top of the page.

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