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Körber unveils next-generation cloud-based technology platform for supply chain at Elevate Americas

Körber One empowers businesses worldwide with unmatched breadth of technologies for the entire logistics workflow

HAMBURG, March 10, 2021 - Körber announces the evolution of its flagship technology platform, Kӧrber One, at its annual supply chain user conference, Elevate Americas. A three-year initiative advances the platform to strengthen and expand the capabilities of Kӧrber’s unique suite of supply chain solutions.

Supply chains must handle more products, suppliers and distribution channels. Combined with rising consumer expectations and a global pandemic, supply chain complexity is higher than ever. Kӧrber’s unique depth of technology and expertise - spanning software, automation, mobility, robotics, and material handling equipment - overcomes this. Key to this is Kӧrber One.

Kӧrber One serves as the backbone for supply chain innovation. The platform enables modernization of logistics workflows and the technology architecture, while putting power in customers hands. Using low-code adaptability solutions, this is achieved through the adoption of next-generation technologies. Unlike similar solutions, the platform abstracts away the complexities of technology, so businesses can take full advantage of new capabilities without going through a difficult implementation or migration. The result is the simplicity, reliability, and adaptability required for today’s and tomorrow’s demands.

“Today’s supply chain demands harmony – technology, equipment and staff working in tandem,” said Sean Elliott, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Digital Officer Software, Körber Business Area Supply Chain. “Körber is the single supply chain partner to make this possible. With Kӧrber One, we uniquely integrate our advanced software solutions and automation technology with the entire IT ecosystem. Our approach is designed to overcome the complexities of any business size, strategy or goals, so you can capitalize on this new era of supply chain.”

Kӧrber will accelerate innovation through its end-to-end suite of supply chain solutions via Kӧrber One. The first round of innovations will focus on enhanced visibility, improved planning and stronger monitoring. This includes:

  • Warehouse simulation and design to compare manual shifts, traditional automation and the most popular autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) available via modern, 3D facility models.
  • Enhanced AI-based slotting for inventory density and labor efficiency.
  • Gamification, turning employees’ daily goals into competitions while providing a new means to assess workforce efficiency.
  • Advanced management and integration of automation technology through a new, cloud version of the Motion Warehouse Control System.

“If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that supply chains must be able to adapt in an instant,” said Chad Collins, Chief Executive Officer Software, Kӧrber Business Area Supply Chain. “This means adding new, emerging technology for broader challenges and day-to-day tasks. At Kӧrber, we empower your evolution to ‘state of the art’ through the path and at a pace catered to your goals - delivering the solutions and technology backbone to make it possible.”

This initiative comes one year after the consolidation of 12 leading-supply chain companies under the Kӧrber brand. To learn more about Kӧrber’s unique supply chain solution portfolio and customer success, join Kӧrber’s annual user conference, Elevate. Register now for Elevate Americas – held virtually today through March 12, 2021 and on demand the next 90 days. Events in Europe and the Asia Pacific to follow.

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